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What are you good at? Artificial intelligence will give you the answer!

Fill in your profile and take psychodiagnostic tests. We will compare your result with aggregated job roles daily and evaluate the degree of a potential job match.


Choose from the multitude of role options on offer to find the right one

More than 12,000 roles on the market. Find out which job is right for you.

Get feedback

You will learn what skills you should work on to succeed in your career path.

Follow the trends

With us, you will have an overview every day of current events in the labour market and the roles and positions offered.

1. Degree of compliance with the job role

The score will immediately show you how suitable the position is for you

The algorithm of our artificial intelligence works with your completed personal profile and online tests. It evaluates your experience, education and more, and compares it with the requirements of selected positions.

2. Monitoring job roles

Your coveted job roles in one place

We aggregate data from job portals daily. We try to make your life easier, so you no longer have to search for information from multiple sources such as salary, number of offers for a given role, benefits and more.

3. Typology of work roles

Compare yourself to the people who perform your dream role

We will show you detailed diagnostics of job roles based on data analysis of tens of thousands of real CV profiles in one place. Among other things, we will show you what type of people usually hold this position (their average age, education, experience). Compare your potential with other users.


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