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How long does it take you to become the CEO of one of the Fortune 500 companies? This or any other dream job is within your reach with us! Find your ideal career path with our data-driven analysis and AI tools completely for free (no credit cards and no hidden costs).

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Are you an empathetic team leader or a bulletproof analytical mind?

Do you have experience or are you simply a born talent? Take self-assessment soft skills tests and find out which positions fit best for you.

What is the average salary for your dream job?

Based on current market data, find out what is your market value, where you can move financially and career-wise and what to ask for during a job interview.

What are your career opportunities?

The possibilities are endless! You will learn everything you can do to get the job and career you desire. You can't go wrong with our career finder.

Soft-skills analysis

Discover and use your talent

You don't have to have decades of experience to get the job you desire or kick-off your career in the right direction. Some skills are easily acquired, and some will come naturally in time. Are you wondering if you would be a strong team leader or rather the perfect team player? Through our comprehensive soft-skills analysis, you will find out exactly what your talent is and where would you most likely thrive.

Job match

How to choose a career

Ever wondered: 'What job is right for me?' Thanks to our data comparison from self-assessment analysis and market data, we can match you with the most suitable positions and jobs. Stop guessing and start testing!

Job role monitoring

Everything you need to know about your desired role

At our job centre, we will show you a detailed and complete AI diagnosis of job roles in one place. You will find out and monitor the development of the salary, the number of published job positions, and what type of people usually hold this position (their average age, education and experience).


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Kareer is one of the must-haves tools for career planning for all young people. It is the one thing I wish I had back when I was a student. Kareer offers such clarity and a deep understanding of one's career path that I am confident everyone will benefit greatly.
Jana Soukupova, Founder @Youth, Speak Up!, COO @Madmonq
As someone very passionate about using data science to disrupt the fields of agriculture & the food industry and formulating STEM policies to influence researchers' career paths, I find Kareer an excellent tool to navigate the career.
Dr Taraka Ramji, PhD, Founder
I love it so far - it's an awesome concept. Kareer has such an intuitive layout, it was really easy to navigate and I love how personalized it can be. The tests appear to be offering super comprehensive results, and the 4 divisions for evaluation are very informative. I didn't know what to expect while checking it out, and I was super impressed!
Joey Petrila, Sanctions Analyst, Writer

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